The HWRL has outstanding capabilities for research, testing, and education in coastal engineering and related areas. Example of projects include:


Nearshore Hydrodynamics

  • Wave transformation
  • Wave breaking and surf zone turbulence
  • Swash dynamics
  • Longshore currents and undertow

Tsunami Research

  • Tsunami runup and overland flow
  • Tsunami-structure interaction
  • Landslide generated tsunami

Coastal Structures

  • Stability
  • Design optimization
  • Overtopping
  • Transmission and reflection

Sediment Suspension and Transport

  • Cross-shore and longshore sediment transport
  • Longshore sediment transport
  • Scour around piles and seawalls
  • Initiation of sediment suspension

Environmental Fluid Mechanics

  • Transport and mixing in the nearshore
  • Bottom boundary layer dynamics
  • Outfalls in waves and currents

Floating Structures

  • Wave energy devices
  • Loading platforms
  • Ship maneuverability