The O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory is one of the largest and most sophisticated laboratories for education, research, and testing in coastal, ocean and related areas. The historical milestones of the laboratory include :
  • In 1972, the WRL originated with the construction the large wave flume to study the stability of coastal structures
  • In 1989, the WRL was expanded by the Office of Naval Research to include a directional wave basin and a spiral basin to study the complex, three-dimensional nature of coastal problems
  • In 2001, the WRL was designated by the National Science Foundation as a site for Tsunami research within the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation.

Plan view of Wave Research Laboratory (Clickable Map)


Equipment Description includes overview of:

  1. Tsunami Basin with multi-directional wavemaker

  2. Large Wave Flume (342 ft or 104 m long)

  3. Control Room for on-site researchers

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