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Scott Ashford
CoE Dean, Professor
Director of Geotechnical Field Test Facility

  Covell 101   541-737-5232   scott.ashford@oregonstate.edu  

Chris Higgins
Director of Large-Scale Structures Test Facility

  HWRL M205   541-737-8869   chris.higgins@oregonstate.edu  

Pedro Lomónaco
Director of O.H. Hinsdale
Wave Research Laboratory

  HWRL M207   541-737-2875   pedro.lomonaco@oregonstate.edu  

Solomon Yim

  HWRL M206   541-737-6894   solomon.yim@oregonstate.edu  

Coastal and Ocean Engineering Faculty


Civil and Construction Engineering Faculty


HWRL Staff

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Jeff Gent
Faculty Research Associate

  HWRL M100       jeff.gent@oregonstate.edu  

Alicia Lyman-Holt
Education & Outreach Coordinator

  HWRL M202   541-737-3665   alicia.lyman-holt@oregonstate.edu  

Tim Maddux
Faculty Research Associate

  HWRL M203   541-737-6971   tim.maddux@oregonstate.edu  

Civil and Construction Engineering Staff